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Maintenance, Lighting, Outdoor Light Fixtures
  Retropole is a light lowering device that works with your existing parking lot pole lights.

It allows the user to turn a handle and lower the light head for easy bulb replacement. It's really simple, yet ingenious.
Retropole reduces maintenance lighting costs by 90%             Retropole is designed to fit on any pole

If you own a light pole on your property ...

  • You are probably paying a fortune in maintenance.
  • You are waiting too long for service.
  • "Bucket trucks" are consuming your profits, damaging your property, inconveniencing your customers, and potentially costing you sales.

Install Retropole and now you can change your own lamps for a fraction of the cost. (more...)

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Retropole is a light lowering device that enables the property owner or manager to replace a lamp or ballast without the use of a bucket truck making maintenance easier. This is accomplished by lowering the fixture to the ground rather than raising the maintenance electrician to the light head. Because of safety issues and rising fuel, labor and insurance costs, Retropole is a welcome addition to parking lots, parking garages, tennis courts, parks and elaborately landscsaped areas.

Maintenance has always been an issue with pole lights. With Retropole, maintenance has been made easier by allowing for dim lamps, cylcling ballasts or burned out lamps to be replaced on demand without waiting for bucket trucks to be scheduled. With this addition, property owners, property managers or tenants now have more time to focus on their business than scheduling in maintenance technicians. Maintenance now left in the hands of property owners, managers and tenants will allow for a brightly lit parking lot that will attract customers and a safer parking lot due to the parking facilility being properly illuminated.

Lamps are available for pole lights in parking lots,parking garages or tennis courts at most home improvement stores at greatly reduced prices compared to what is charged by maintenance companies contracted to replace lamps in pole lights.

Retropole is a nearly invisible addition to pole lights so aesthetics are not compromised. Retropole can be color matched to existing or new pole lights. Quality materials are used in the construction of Retropole to ward off the effects of the elements. Once installed, Retropole is a worry free application for light lowering of lights for years to come. Maintenance cost is effectively reduced and control of lighting in parking lots is given to the property owner, manager or tenant.

Light lowering devices or light lowering systems as some refer to, have been employed by the state highway departments for roadway interchanges for easy lamp replacement of pole lights. Retropole has taken this cue and brought this idea to the parking lot, parking garage or tennis court owner to allow for easy lamp replacement without the use of a bucket truck and unlike the state highway department Retropole can be used on existing pole lights and light heads.

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